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Question about being new to military.

My boyfriend recently swore into the Navy and leaves for basic October 6th. We found out I was pregnant around the same time and am due around Christmas. However, someone mentioned to him that the Navy would kick him out when they find out he has a dependent on the way. Is there possibly any truth to that or am I worrying over nothing?

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  • They wont kick him out cause ur not enlisting if u were their would need to b a choice made . The navy wont allow both parents to be in at the same time I was In the navy and got discharged last october but he does need to tell his recruiter so they can update his info And also so that when he starts getting his checks in basic since you arent married he can pay child support. Until you are married. Btw congrats and hope your bf stays safe and enjoys the navy life. Its hard but basic is really fun.
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  • Thank you! Having that peace of mind already helps
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  • Absolutely will not. If it sounds too stupid to be true, it probably is.
  • He will not be kicked out. There are many men with babies on the way that are not wed. Good luck.
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    We found out we were expecting when he was halfway through boot camp...I was already 10 weeks! Things are tough right now because we really want to get married but can't because the courts in San Diego are slow and haven't issued my divorce decree. It's a big mess. He's all the way in Chicago for A school and I'm stuck in California because I need the medical coverage. Despite all of this I still feel absolutely blessed to have a healthy baby boy on the way due January 1 :)
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