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Lo holding breath

Hi all, occasionally when LO feeds either from breast or bottle he will choke and then hold his breath which is terrifying. I will instantly pat his back and he'll keep holding it until hes gasping for air. Yesterday I was in the car with my mum and I was feeding him in the back with a bottle ( he was in his car seat) he chocked and held his breath again. I panicked and didn't know what to do so my mum hopped out and grabbed him from his chair. I'm so upset I didn't respond as quickly as she did. I feel terrible. Has anyone else experienced when LO does this. It's happened a few times now where he will hold his breath I'm so worried I barely sleep now as I watch over him. I will be contacting the GP Monday morning

Re: Lo holding breath

  • DS does this all the time. At least once every feeding. It's like he gets to eating too fast to breathe but he's hungry so he doesn't care. When I'm bottle feeding him, I make sure to keep him mostly upright and do what I can to make the bottle flow slower (holding it almost horizontally). He has never done this while not eating. Occasionally, once I pull the bottle away and he still isn't breathing, I will blow gently in his face and he will start again. Good luck!




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  • Thanks for the tips @ashleymo125
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  • My LO does this when he refluxes. Which has been while eating but not always.
  • YES! It scared the crap out of me the first few times DS did this. We've finally got a good latch, so I've chalked it up to being too much milk to swallow at once. I flip him over and pat his back. But lately I've just been stopping him about every 10 sucks so he can catch up!
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