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low lying placenta?

Went for the first trimester screen today (12 weeks). Baby looked good, but technician noted I have a low lying placenta, covering my cervix. She said it can change as the baby grows.  Anyone else have this "diagnosis" early on? I don't see my OB until the 26th so of course I will worry until then...The "potential complications" seriously scare me. Has anyone had a shift and their placenta move?

Re: low lying placenta?

  • Yes. It migrates up in most women by 20 weeks. Mine did. I would not worry about it.
  • I have an appointment next Wednesday to check on mine.  Nothing was detected until my 20 week scan, where they told me that I have "low placenta" not completely covering my cervix, but only 2cm away.  They said I needed another US at 28 weeks to check on movement.  90% of the time, as baby grows, distance gets created between the placenta and cervix where it won't be an issue.  If I remember, I'll post back next week and update on how mine went.  The only thing the technician said would happen if it doesn't move is that I would need a C-section, no other complications or issues though.

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    If you're completely covering the cervix in a few weeks, it will be far less likely to move, as the placenta gets pulled evenly up both sides and stays firmly at the bottom. If you're just low, even touching, as your uterus grows, the placenta can get pulled up one side,away from the cervix. That's more normal. I was told told mine would probably move, it was diagnosed early like you.

    I unfortunately, at 26 weeks, fall into the category of placenta that stayed firmly and evenly over the cervix. I've got my specialist scan at 28 weeks, but I have little hope of it moving. I'll have a healthy, happy baby via c section most likely. Though I've been full previa this whole time, no bleeding or problems. So either way, take heart. There are far worse things.
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