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Question About C-Section Recovery

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Due to baby's size and other reasons I needed to have a c-section.

Just wondering what types of pains are normal for 4 weeks after surgery? I feel pains in my lower abdomin some days if I've been walking or lifting baby too much. But sometimes I feel pains in my mid back and upper abdomin. Are these normal?

Is it normal to still be sore and feel nauseous 4 weeks after surgery? I have days where I feel fine but lately the pains are so bad I need Advil. My incision is also still pink but my skin is very fair coloured so any marks are usually very noticeable.

Any guidance on dealing with c-section pains and recovery?

Re: Question About C-Section Recovery

  • It sounds like you are having normal aches and pains but there is no reason not to ask your doctor or midwife. My back has started feeling achey lately but I think it is because my LO is a bouncing 11 lbs now and loves to be held all the time. Once I am cleared to exercise I have to get my abs to protect my back! I had no external bruising from my csection but I know my insides are still sore in some places - my LO was very high so they really had to push her down, hard! I use an abdominal binder for support and try to take it easy while recovering.
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  • I did ask a doctor yesterday at LOs appointment. She said it all sounded normal but I wanted to hear first hand opinions. My LO is the same! He weighs 11 pounds 10 ounces and loves to cuddle and be held right now. That's probably why I'm having pains now. I'm glad to know my pains sound normal! I've heard you can even have pains in your shoulders and such from gas build up too. My bodily functions still aren't 100% *sorry tmi*
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