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Mack Reuben or Lincoln Reuben

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Which is better
Last name is Arnold

Re: Mack Reuben or Lincoln Reuben

  • I like Lincoln.
  • Mack Reuben sounds like a sandwich but Lincoln Reuben to me does flow well so I am team Mack I guess
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  • Neither really naturally flow. I also like Reuben best as a fn.

  • Agree that Mack Reuben sounds like a sandwich and Lincoln Reuben is too awkward/ trying too hard.
  • Reuben Mack of Macallister Reuben.
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  • I love Mack.
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  • I like Mack. I am not a huge fan of the Lincoln trend either (especially for a boy).
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  • I didn't know there was a lincoln trend
  • I didn't know there was a lincoln trend
    Yes, unfortunately.  According to the SS website, Lincoln was ranked 711 in 2000 and was 87 in 2014 with a steady increase every year.  

    In contrast, Mack was number 803 in 2014, so significantly less common.  

    I would personally prefer a longer name with a nn Mack but I would still probably pick Mack over Lincoln.
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  • Mack is NMS but flows much better with Rueben. Lincoln needs a new MN.
  • Is Rueben a family name?  
    I personally don't think either of them all.  But of the two, I'd 'prefer' Lincoln, not beacuse I like it, but because Mack sounds like a nickname, not a formal name.
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