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Nurse to sleep?

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Does anyone else's LO nurse to sleep? I know there are different opinions on this and she'll have to eventually learn other ways to self soothe. But for now, my 5 week old almost exclusively nurses to sleep.

Re: Nurse to sleep?

  • I definitely do this! I'm getting better at offering a binkie when I know she isn't hungry and it's working more and more but when she's super tired or over stimulated, my boobs are like an easy out that we -both- sometimes need!
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  • I think that's great! I try to see it as bonding. Maybe try to only nurse them to sleep in the first morning feed and the 2nd to last night feed when your most tired.
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  • I do this because otherwise baby screams and cries! Unfortunately on a night like tonight when baby is nonstop fussy and refuses to sleep, I feel like he's on the breast for four hours in a row with a few short breaks. For some reason he fights sleep between the hours of 11 at night and 3 or 4 in the morning. I nurse him to sleep but he wakes up five, ten of twenty minutes after and wants more boob. I am exhausted.
  • My little guy is 7 weeks and always nurses to sleep the final feed of the night and a few times throughout the day. Other times he'll fall asleep while we walk around with him or bounce him. I'm not worrying about it for now; we both need the sleep and it's a relaxing way to get him to sleep for both of us!
  • We nurse to sleep about 3/4 of the time. This baby is content to just be put down, so when I think of it, I do. It feels strange haha. DD1 was high needs (an "orchid" type from the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding) so she was nursed to sleep if I was home for 2 years. She self weaned and sleeps fine in her own room, so I don't think I damaged her, but the difference in their temperaments is shocking to me!
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  • Mine doesn't give a crap about pacifiers, so it's tough for him to self-soothe.  So I do nurse to sleep from time to time. 
  • My baby's a little over four weeks and nurses to sleep. Ignore everyone's advice and do what you think is best for your baby. They're literally babies, it's O.K. to baby them!
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    Next time your friend calls you up to vent or cry about some issue in her life, just tell her to self-soothe! Uhm no. Babies are too little to self soothe. Object permanence is a long ways away development wise. How nice it is to know someone is there for you! (Even adults like to know that!) :-)
  • I don't make an active effort either way. If she's hungry, eats, and conks out (and she did a full feed) I put her to bed. Sometimes it works, but ssometimes it doesn't.
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