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Compact Car (Cruze) and New Twins??

First time mom here..expecting twins in February or March.

Any parents of twins out there driving a Chevy Cruze or something comparable?  I've been stressing out over whether my car can accommodate twins and all their stuff!  Haven't been able to find out much online about the subject.  So, my question is:

Has anyone successfully fit two infant carriers, a double stroller, an adult passenger (at least 5'9)  and maybe some groceries into a Chevy Cruze?  I'm thinking maybe its time to trade her in on an Explorer.  Shame, since I love the gas mileage and being able to squeeze into small parking spots!

Re: Compact Car (Cruze) and New Twins??

  • Nooooo. My niece drives a Cruze and she took my twins for the day a couple weekends ago and I have bulkier car seats bc I have the convertible car seats and they are big especially while rear facing which here is a law until they are 2. Anyway both the front seats had to be moved up pretty far forward and I def don't think she was comfortable... As far as groceries and strollers and stuff the trunk it pretty roomy she was able to put their stroller and bag in the back but I wouldn't suggest it for an everyday car with twins!
  • I've had to deal with this recently because DH and I have small cars. Even some of the compact SUVs are too small for the car seats plus a pram plus everything else. DH is tall with long legs so he would be super uncomfortable.

    If it helps, we test drove a bunch of cars to the baby store and basically kitted them out with all the stuff. It really helped us make a decision on what we were going to do. I can't suggest models because we have a totally different car market in Australia where I'm from but make sure you're comfortable and fitting in all the stuff as well.
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  • I have a tiny Nissan Cube! I have the chicco keyfit 30 car seats and the baby trend snap and go stroller. It all fits! I don't think the bigger jogging stroller will fit for when they get older :(
    I'm not upgrading until I have to though!
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