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Bottles for formula on the go

FTM. I have seen a few bottles that keep the formula and water separate for when you're on the go. Anyone have any experience with these? My regular bottle is Dr. Browns -- which is my other question. We had has issues with our old bottle, so would like something that will be easy on her stomach. Any suggestions?

Re: Bottles for formula on the go

  • I have the Playtex Vent Aire bottles (from Walmart), and I got a free bottle bag from my OBGYN so keep a bottle of water in it, and I grab a bottle or two for when we're on the go (I'll just grab a bottle or two and throw it in the bag before we head out). I also use the formula divider (for powder) that is divided up into three separate "bottles", I pre-measure each slot for on-the-go trips. I always have the bag, ready to go,. that's the easiest way I've found b/c I can get hot water for free at pretty much any gas station. I just pour it in the bottle from the formula divider slot and add bottle water/hot water and there ya go! Ready to use! Sorry for the long response but hope that helped. I love the Playtex Vent Aire bottles, they're awesome and pretty inexpensive. I also have Dr. Brown's bottles but those I don't take with me usually b/c of all the damn little parts, haha! It's a mess trying to get those together in the backseat of my car! 
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  • I just ordered the Mixie for use on the go. I'll let you know how that works. I normally use dr Browns which are great - but require a lot of parts and dumping and water etc. previously I've tried the powder separator thing dump it in bottle add h2o and then warm by submerging in cup of warm water. My little guy is not at all picky about temp. Also I've bought small ready to feed bottles to take in the go- one less step of messing with the powder..
    Lots of ways to do it I'm very excited about the Mixie- even for the middle of the night wake ups- may be nice. Just push a button and boom a bottle ;)
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  • I have the Baby Breeza and LOVE it!! But that's obviously not for "on-the-go" lol but I can't ever find the ready-to-feed bottles for my formula (Similac Isomil Soy), so we have not choice but to use the powder on the go, and have to mix it up as needed. Sucks but hey, what can ya do!
  • Have you tried the on the go pre mixed bottles? They are more expensive but OMG so easy! They come in 2oz and 8oz. You throw a nipple on it and your done
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