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stretch marks this time?

With my first two single babies I never got any stretch marks (well, some minor ones on my breasts). I wonder if it's inevitable with a bigger tummy this time? Guess I will just have to wait and see. Have any of you found this who have been pregnant before?

Re: stretch marks this time?

  • I had a 10# 14oz kid last time, gained 27 pounds total and got tons of stretch marks. I thought I'd be all stretched out after that but at 32 weeks I'm getting new ones. I weight right now 5# less than 40 weeks with my son.
  • Nope, no stretch marks either time. I guess I got lucky in the genetics department, and I used lots of coconut oil on my belly :)
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  • I'm almost 23 weeks and don't have any *new stretchmarks. So far so good there, but with my first I didn't get them until 30+ weeks.

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  • I will say moisturize, however it doesn't mean you won't get any and just bc you having twins doesn't mean you will!!!

    As for me I had thought I got away without getting any bc at 37 weeks I didn't having any and then at 38 weeks 4 days a few popped out around my belly button
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