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Aversion to meat?

My almost 16-month old is very picky when it comes to meat. I have made him turkey burgers which he has liked in the past, but does not even want to touch now; he has had our meatloaf, so I keep making it every couple weeks thinking he will eat it and again, he doesn't want to touch it. He loves beans, thankfully, so it is a way to get some protein in him. He will try soft cooked (like out of the slow cooker) chicken and pork, but doesn't love it. Any suggestions on how to prepare this so he is more inclined to like it? Is it something he will outgrow?

Re: Aversion to meat?

  • I am (anecdotal) proof that you can grow out of this. I wouldn't eat most meats as a toddler and am a definite carnivore now. :)
    It may be a texture issue - is sloppy joe/taco different than hamburger (where the outside is tough) or shredded v cubed chicken?
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  • My DD1 was that way. She wouldn't touch meat, I think it was just tougher to chew than other food, even though she got her teeth early. Now she does fine though still prefers softer stuff. She practically LIVED on beans. Just keep trying but don't push. It will get better.
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