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Breastfeeding mamas---Clothing size --- baby growing too fast?

FTM here with a silly question- my little guy is 12 weeks today. He was born 7 lb 13 oz dropped to 6 lb 8 oz due to tongue tie. He is exclusively breastfed and growing like a weed .... I mean he was just comfortably in 3 month clothes like two weeks ago and nothing with the number 3 on it fits anymore. He is now in 6 month sleepers and fits well in clothes. Is it possible for babes to be getting too big too fast?!

Re: Breastfeeding mamas---Clothing size --- baby growing too fast?

  • My little guy is also 12 weeks (well thursday), born at 7.12 but didn't lose much coming home. He also can't fit in much of anything with a 3 on it unless it's a baby gap 3-6! 6 month sleepers, 6-12 month socks....his feet are sooo long! He weighs just over 13 lbs and is EBF too.
  • I think it's normal for a baby to grow like that...BUT I have heard about there heads growing too fast that that can be a concern. Some babies just grow faster then others :)
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    My LO is 11 weeks today (a little over 11 lbs) & wearing all his 0-3 month stuff. He was in newborn clothes from birth. I notice a difference in brands & the range labeling is confusing... Some stuff says 0-3, some just 3, then 3-6. :-??
  • At your ped appt they should have his growth charted and it will be placed on a growth curve. He will have his own curve compared against a "standard" curve. As long as his curve stays consistent I wouldn't worry. Even though DS2 is long, his head is small but has been consistently growing on his curve since birth. My DS1 also has been "small" for head size since birth but consistent on his own curve.
  • EBF our 11.5 week son who is now over 17lbs!!! (Born at 8lbs 2oz). Our pediatritian is thrilled, no concerns and she believes he'll level out soon :)
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    I really think clothes for baby should be sized by weight and not age. My LO was 8.15 at birth, she's 12 weeks old now and weighs around 15 lbs. She's in 6 month clothing. Oh and she's EBF
  • 19lbs @11 weeks here... He's mostly in 12 month clothes. Slow down baby boy!
  • Holy cow!! There are some big babies!!! My LO is 11 weeks, 11&1/2 lbs. He was 6lbs 11oz at birth, lost some, & took 4 weeks to get back past his birthweight
  • Wow those are some big babies! I know for Carters/OSHKOSH when it says "3" it means 0-3 months and "6" is 3-6.
    Our little guy is too long and his feet are too big for 0-3, but he swims in 3-6 clothes. That awkward in-between size I guess. He's about 13 pounds at 11 weeks.
  • My daughter was 8lbs 7ozs at birth and is now almost 16 lbs at 14 weeks old. She is mainly in 6 month clothes but can still fit some 3-6 month depending on the brand. She is also exclusively breast fed.
  • My little guy is 14 weeks today I'm slowly weeding out his too small 0-3 month clothes. He's probably 13is lbs. gerber is too small carters fit really well
  • @randa923 I agree Gerber is small! I love carters! The material is softer too!
  • My daughter is in 9 month clothing. EBF, she's just chubbbby.
  • 10 weeks here and in 6-9 or 9 month clothing and size 3 diapers!! Poor DD never got to wear her cute newborn clothes! She went straight to 0-3 months a couple days after we brought her home!! EBF as well.
  • EBF babies grow faster than formula fed babies for the first 6 months, then grow slower. The WHO growth chart is for breastfed babies. The standard American growth chart was made decades ago, using both breastfed and formula fed babies.

    Hazel is 12 weeks and in 6 month clothes. I hope that she is in her 9 month clothes for Christmas because I just bought her some super cute, fleece rompers! Love shopping for baby clothes.
  • Wow! My LO seems so tiny!
    She's 11 weeks and prob around 11lb, she is just moving to 0-3 stuff from newborn
  • My LO will be 13 weeks tomorrow and is 15 pounds (well was at 12 weeks even). He was born at 10 even. He's in 3-6m and 6-9m clothing, all depends on the brand.
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  • Carters 3's are getting too small but baby gap 3-6 are okay. He was 9.9 at birth, he's always been in 3 months. He's 3's in diapers now. His next appointment isn't til he is 4 months and his last was his 2 month appointment. I'm dying to know how much he weighs. I'm guessing at least 16.
  • Carters 3's are getting too small but baby gap 3-6 are okay. He was 9.9 at birth, he's always been in 3 months. He's 3's in diapers now. His next appointment isn't til he is 4 months and his last was his 2 month appointment. I'm dying to know how much he weighs. I'm guessing at least 16.

    You know you can get a pretty close weight of baby with your bathroom scale. Get on scale with baby, then get on scale without baby. Your baby weighs the difference. It's never 100% accurate, but it'll give u a good idea. We use it just to monitor that he is steadily gaining and growing.
  • DD is 12 weeks tomorrow, EBF & was 12lbs at her 8 week appt and in the 65%tile for height & weight, 93rd for head. She is prob pushing 13lb by now. Fits solidly in 3 mo clothes now but I can tell their days are numbered; packed away the 0-3s last week. Size 1 diapers but again, not for much longer. We got a TON of 3 month size stuff from baby showers, it's been hard getting through it all! I took back what I could to get a size up. OP he just sounds like a good eater and grower :)
  • My LO is 12 weeks and weighs around 9lbs, she was born at 34 weeks and weighed 4lbs 4oz. And she just moved from newborn to 0-3 months and size 1 diapers but she can still wear some newborns clothes.
  • My girl is 13 weeks tomorrow and 14 pounds. She was 7.8 at birth. She wears mostly 3-6 clothes, can't believe how fast she is growing!
  • My son was born at 9 lbs 2 oz he never wore newborn right now he's on size 3 diapers since he was 2 months right now he's 14 weeks he's wearing 6 to 9 months right and even that's fitting a little snug now
  • Eek I feel like our little girl is just very petite compared to some!! she was born 8.3 and went down to 7.3 and took almost a month to gain her weight back( we did have some complications and a nicu stay for awhile) but she seems to be thriving now and doctors are happy she is following her curve. She is now 10.5lbs at 14weeks. She's very long though at 24inches! Her weight is in the 50th percentile and her head in the 75th. She just this week switched from newborn to size 0-3 but unless it's carters I find a lot of the brands are too short for her but huge in the tummy area! Same with diapers, just switched from me to size 1. Glad we got a lot of nb sized clothes and diapers from baby showers ect as she got a lot of use out of them!! Oh and she was EBF for 8weeks and i am now EP with a bit of supplementing due to low supply.
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