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Pcsing with newborn


So we will be PCSing, pretty much right after I have the baby... we have no option but flying seeing as we live in rural alaska,
We also have a dog just to make things more hectic

Im a new wife so i dont know much, but will they actually make us PCS with a newborn under 2 months? can we hold it off? I know airplanes recycle the air so I dont feel comfortable 
is there anyway to get them to hold off our PCS for a bit? my husband already extended his stay here so we cant do that...

Re: Pcsing with newborn

  • Not usually. I believe you have to just go when they say go, or there has to be a legitimate reason why you can't. I would just getting a nursing cover, and keep your newborn under that during the flight. Carry a bunch of Purrell with you and lysol wipes to keep things clean. I flew with my DD only being 6 weeks from VA to TX, and she handled it just fine.  Good luck!
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  • Yes, he can absolutely request an extension or earlier orders. We have orders to PCS right around my due date. My husband explained the situation and I received a note from my doctor stating a cross country move wouldn't be recommended at that time. Our orders were moved so we will be PCSing in my 7th month.
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  • ^^^ same thing happened to us. We were scheduled to pcs two weeks after our due date but hubby talked to his branch manager and they moved our pcs up by like 5 months! We are also in AK but in anchorage. :)
  • It's not that bad, we PCS'd from England back stateside when my twins were 3 months old. They actually slept better on the plane then they had at any point up till then. I just kept their seats covered with a light blanket and was kind but very firm when I told people to keep their hands off. Made sure they had a bottle or pacifier ready and waiting for takeoff and landing to help their ears. Dragging two kids and all that luggage through multiple airports wasn't fun, but people were surprisingly nice and helpful. Just remember.... It's only a day or two and then it's over.
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