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Which girl's name do you all like best? Here are our top 5 names (no particular order). The middle name will be Meredith. The last name is one syllable and starts with a consonant that is NOT M. We both really like Margot but are unsure of the alliteration, and Ruby but fear it might be too popular. I can't seem to totally sell dad on Felicity.

Girl Name Help 123 votes

Felicity Meredith
27% 34 votes
Francine Meredith
13% 17 votes
Ruby Meredith
21% 27 votes
Isabelle Meredith
13% 16 votes
Margot Meredith
23% 29 votes
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Re: Girl Name Help

  • Felicity Meredith.  Totally unexpected and I adore it.

  • So, they're all pretty great.

    For me, it was between Felicity and Francine. I voted for Francine because, seriously, whens the last time anyone on here asked about Francine? Awesome and unexpected.
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  • Voted Ruby, but really my favorite is Meredith as a fn.
  • Margot is such a gorgeous name. I never use my children's middle names and so if I were in your shoes, I wouldn't think twice about using it.
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  • The only one I don't like is Isabelle, it's just nms. All over the others are adorable! I voted for Felicity, next would be Margot, then Francine, then Ruby. Great list!
  • I love felicity. I think it goes really well with Meredith, as well.

  • They are all nice names, but I think if you love Margot you should go for it despite it being an alliteration.  My DS1 is Matthew Michael because they are both meaningful, family names and just happen to both start with M.  It really hasn't even bothered me, nor have I thought twice about it.
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  • I like all of them except Felicity and Isabelle
  • I like felicity but since you think you can't convince him of it I picked Margot.
  • I picked Felicity. Francine is a close second.
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  • If he's not keen on Felicity (my first choice) go with Francine. Only because I love the nicknames Frankie and Franny.
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