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Name help with baby girl #3.

We have two girls, Julia Lauren and Lily Elizabeth. We're expecting girl three in four weeks! My name bin is dry for girls so I've let my husband take the reins. His choices are Abigail or Amelia. They're not bad names, I was just hoping for something a little lower on the popularity list. The middle name will be Louise (named for a family member). I'm looking for suggestions and opinions on these names and if they're just too popular. New first name suggestions are welcome. Our last name is pretty basic with two syllables N____n. Thanks so much for your time!

Re: Name help with baby girl #3.

  • Amelia Louise is adorable!

    How about...
    Bethany Louise
    Claire Louise
    Clara Louise
    Vivian Louise
    Vanessa Louise
    Willa Louise
    Annabelle Louise
    Penelope Louise
    Joy Louise
    Georgia Louise
    Blair Louise
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  • Love Amelia Louise!  My DD was almost Mia Louise :) 
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  • Ada
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  • I love the previous suggestions of Claire, Clara and Vivian!
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  • I love Amelia Louise!

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  • Olivia Louise
    Ophelia Louise
    Emmeline Louise
    Madelyn Louise
    Kristin Louise
    Kasey Louise
    Katherine Louise
    Rebecca Louise
    Jenna Louise
    Chloe Louise
    Peyton Louise
    Annabelle Louise
  • I like Amelia and it seems to be a little less popular of the two, at least around here. I have friends that used Emilia, which i like as well, sounds similar, but a they wanted to avoid the nickname Amy and that worked. 

  • Julia, Lily and...

    Isla Louise
    Anna Louise
    Nora Louise
    Sophie Louise
    Audrey Louise
    Alexandra Louise
    Violet Louise
    Mila Louise
    Jane Louise
    Holly Louise
    Audra Louise
    Ada Louise
    Maeve Louise
    Farrah Louise
    Amelie Louise (instead of Amelia)
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