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Are my names really that bad?


Re: Are my names really that bad?

  • I am also voting for "not bad". I don't even bother mentioning names that I like to people anymore, because I know that we all have different naming styles and they will have some dramatic response to a name that I like. So on the BNB it goes, if I want input from other people. And it isn't that the names I like are "bad" it is just that they aren't the same style that everyone else in my circle like.

    People in my circle like Brynlee, Charli, Gracelyn for girls. And Garrett, Jaxon, and John for boys. Which most of those make me cringe.
    My husband and I are more along the lines of liking Mathilda, Olive, Lucille, Clara for girls....and Hendrik, Peter, Oskar for boys. 
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  • I love all of them!! Especially Ella and Audrey!

    We aren't telling ANYONE what names we are thinking of for this exact reason. It's your baby.. Name her what YOU want! And honestly how many times have you met someone and thought "wow I really hate your name!" Probably never! People like to be very opinionated about baby names but once the baby is born and grows up, no one thinks twice about the name!
  • We have an Audrey and get tons of compliments on it! I think your name choices are great, your coworker gets the side eye....
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  • Good list, favorite is Lucille Joan.

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