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Going back to work

I have always planned on going back to work part time after having a baby. Now that we are having twins I am worried about daycare with two. Wanting to see what others are planning or what worked for your family.

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  • I am going back November 2nd after 15 weeks- if I had the option to work part time in my position I definitely would. Unfortunately we can't afford for me to not work so back I go! I think of you can swing part time that'd be great. My MIL is watching the girls 4 days a week and my mom is watching them one day per week, we are paying my MIL but still way less than what daycare for two would be.
  • I'm having twins also and will be going back to work when their around 12wks. I honestly don't believe in sending a newborn or in my case two newborns to daycare at such a young age. My mom and her husband,and my MIL and her husband will be taking turns helping SO watch them while I work. I'll be getting off work and SO will be going so everything should work out just fine. Also, I don't have to pay them anything so that's a lot of money that I get to save for them.
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  • We don't have any family close by that can watch our twins. My MIL was planning to move here but that plan fell through at the last minute. Even with her being here, I was not planning to go back to work- but especially so now. It would not make sense for us to pay for daycare for two infants with what my salary was, and there was little opportunity for advancement for me at my former employer so it made sense all around.
  • I went back to work when my girls were 10 weeks old. They're 17 weeks now. I altered my work schedule, so I only work 30 hours a week instead of 40. I go to work after my dh gets off, so we don't have to pay for daycare. We have a 3 year old ds too. 3 in daycare was my entire paycheck.

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  • I am very lucky to have 6-7 months to be home with my kids this time. After that they'll go to daycare. I'm not looking forward to the cost of three kids in daycare, but in order for us to buy a home and a new car and things that are needed with our family growing by two this time I need to be working. 

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  • I am a SAHM- but I wanted to add that most of the members of my twin mom club have nannies.  For our area (suburbs of major city), it is the most economical option.

  • I love hearing what everyone is doing. My In laws live in town but are older and will not want to watch them. My parents are about two hours away and my mom is planning on not working next year, and will be here to help when I need her but not all the time. We are thinking the nanny route over daycare for now. My job is full commission so some months are good and others not so good. It's a great company and very family friendly so don't want to work somewhere else. We need the money that my job brings in since my husband just finished grad school. The daycare nanny option cost wise is pretty much the same for two where we live about $2200 a month. I am hopping that my husband gets a raise and that my company finds a "special project" for me to do their first year and then go back. I am one of the top producers in my team so I know they don't want to lose me.
  • How did you find a twin group in your area? I have two friends with twins that are about a year old both stay at home and then another friend having twins in December she is a nurse and planning on working 2 days a week. We are a little over 10 weeks so waiting a few more until I tell them.
  • I am a single mom with 5 month old twins not working wasn't an option. I was lucky enough to just finished nursing school. I looked into putting my girls into daycare but to get them into a quality daycare where I didn't have to worry about their safety and happiness it was a little less than 2000 a month... I ended up getting a nanny for a little cheaper and I LOVE HER!!! My sister had been watching them but when I started working she headed back to work... My nanny is the sweetest person and takes amazing care of my girls!!! She has only been my nanny for 2 weeks though so we will see how it goes! But she is amazing with my girls and I am so happy that they are her only priority
  • I planned to go back to work until we found out we were having twins. So plans have changed and I'll be staying home. It's a sacrifice we are willing to make. I can't wait to be home with my babies and so glad to be able to.
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  • I'm in Canada and my husband and I get one year of paid parental leave to share. This may be increased to 18 months shortly :)

    Our twins are 5 months. I have been home with them but need to get back to work. My husband will be staying home with a part time nanny (15 hrs per week) since I work very long hours. He is thinking he would like to stay home with them permanently and can work from home once parental leave is done.

    Hopefully he likes the gig, but if not I think we would do a nanny over daycare.

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