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First date night with hubby since baby was born? Was when?

My newborn will be a month this Friday. We are thinking about going out for our first date night '. When did others go on first date since baby was born? I'm feeling we need to get out?

Re: First date night with hubby since baby was born? Was when?

  • We have our first lunch date alone scheduled for next weekend (baby will be 7 weeks old). Our little guy is really fussy at night right now so we don't want to leave him with someone at that time yet, so we're doing a lunch date instead and grandma is watching him. I'm so looking forward to it!
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  • We went to dinner for about 2 1/2 hours at 3 weeks.
  • It'll be awhile for us because I'm BFing and she's still eating every 2-2.5 hours. She's not great at taking a bottle yet. But our five year anniversary is next month so maybe we can attempt a quick dinner
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    We went out to dinner for our wedding anniversary at 3 weeks pp. It was wonderful to have time for just the two of us.
  • we were out for our 3yr wedding anniversary at 3.5 weeks.
  • It will be a while for us. We do not live near family and I am not ready to hand baby over to the teenager who babysits my older two. We are planning a date at Thanksgiving when we visit my in laws.
  • We don't live near family, and baby was BFing too often while my MIL was here. With #1 it was 2mo for Valentine's Day. This time it'll probably be a while... we're 45min away from good restaurants and I don't want to pump til I have to. We'd be more likely to get a sitter for the toddler and just take the baby.
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  • 3 weeks pp
  • Date night? What is that? Just kidding! It will be a while for us too. I feel lucky though that DH and I spend time together everyday. I call it homebody romance but sometimes we just have to play a board game together or rent a movie on Amazon and call that a date. I am guessing our first out on the town date will be around Thanksgiving. DD1 is a very cheery handful and taking care of her and the baby is a lot to ask of anyone.
  • We haven't and don't have any plans to. I'm not pumping yet and it would be a lot for my mom or MIL to watch both kids at this stage. Maybe soon once I start pumping and we need some alone time. I haven't feel the itch like I did with our first born.
  • We've done a lot of date nights with LO but had our first date night without her at 7 weeks pp.
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  • Yesterday! Baby boy is 3 weeks and I'm exclusively pumping. We went to happy hour and a movie while his grandparents watched him. They're in town from California so we wanted them to have some quality time with him. I pumped in the movie theater and no one noticed!

  • DH and I are going to a Halloween party this Friday since my folks will be in town and can babysit. LO will be almost 2wks, so it depends on if I can pump enough for them to feed him and if he'll take a bottle ( hasn't had one yet). I'm hoping it will work out!
  • We left both kids with my parents last weekend at 5 weeks. We went out for Thai food for my birthday. We stopped and picked the baby up on the way home but let the toddler stay the night with the grandparents. It was nice to have an adult night.
  • We went shopping and for lunch a week or so ago. That made LO about 3 weeks old.
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  • This past weekend we went out for our 5 year anniversary for two hours. LO is one month. It was the first time he took a bottle AND slept 6+ hours straight. It was a great weekend.
  • This past weekend we both were so tired we ended up going home early. Lol maybe in a few weeks we will try again.
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