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Flat nipples

I had my first appointment today. My ob briefly mentioned breastfeeding and that she would like her patients to attemp for a few weeks at least. I would love to breastfeed, but my nipples are flat. Has anyone had success breastfeeding with flat nipples? I feel embarrassed, but I can't be the only one.

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  • Have you considered using a nipple shield? It pulls the nipple out. Good for you for wanting to try!!
  • Yes. You can use a pump before feeding to help draw out the nipple, or use your fingers to help pull out the nipple before baby latches on. As baby gets older , he/she will be able to do it by themselves, hopefully.

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  • Nipple shields are a lifesaver!
  • Yes, I did, using a shieldshield on one side. Nothin to be embarrassed about, Do a search for "inverted" nipples and you will find a lot of success stories.
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  • I am right now. We have to use a nipples shield but there is no shame in that.

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  • I had to use a nipple shield for a few weeks and slowly started weaning LO off it. He does just fine without it now and can latch by himself. I find them to be a pain but it allowed me to bf so it was worth it.
  • Thank you, ladies! This was really worrying me
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  • Definitely try the nipple shield, but the other thing to keep in mind is that the breast enters the baby's mouth well past the nipple. The baby should latch around your areola like the image.
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