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2 week old with dry skin

My daughter is two weeks old today and her feet are peeling they are so dry. Can I put anything on it to help? Lotion? Coconut Oil? Ideas?

Re: 2 week old with dry skin

  • Lots of babies peel and that's a good thing. I doubt it's legit dry skin. Some have a layer from birth that just needs to flake off.
  • My LO is 13 days and has flaky skin all over her body. She doesn't seem to be affected by it though - no itching or excessive fussiness, etc. My pedi said she didn't recommend putting anything on it because a lot of lotions can actually make LO's skin break out & cause discomfort while she's this young.
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  • This happened to my baby, it went away on its own after about a week. They've been living in fluid for 9 months, their skin just has to get used to the dry air.
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  • I talked to my ped about this. She said it's completely normal. Do not use any lotions on baby.
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    It will go away on its own. I think by 4 weeks it had cleared up. We didn't use any lotion or cream.
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