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Baby Girl #2

We need help with deciding on baby sisters name! Baby isn't due until January but we'd like to get it narrowed down to 2 names and then decide when we see her. So far we have tons of names but none really feel like "the one". I am looking for a name where she won't be 1 of 4 others in the same class and that's easy for people to understand because with DD#1 I'm constantly correcting people and it's both annoying and frustrating. Lesson learned there! DD is Emelyn Grace but goes by Millie most of the time but sometimes Emme.Thoughts/opinions on the following top contenders?!?

Savannah Faith - DH's favorite

Adeline Faith nn Della

Mavis Olivia

Eloise Noelle  - don't want people to call her Ellie. Ellie and Emme is way too close. Other nn suggestions?'

Elliotte Olivia - sort of like but not sure I'm on board with the boy name trend.

Re: Baby Girl #2

  • I like Savannah, Adeline (Della as a nn is just so adorable!!) and Eloise the best :-)
  • Savannah is becoming so popular now. I also like Adeline out of your list. 
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  • Elsie and Lulu are other options for Eloise, or no NN is possible. 
  • Right now anything With Ellie or potential of Addie is as trendy and popular as you can get. Changing the spelling of Elliott is bad. Savannah is the best option of unpopular you have but I don't love it. Mavis is just nms at all.

    Suggesting names that seem to fit your style

    Audra or Audrina
    Theresa nn Tessa
    Estella or Estelle

    I like Noelle as a new option

  • I like Savannah best. I think Adeline is too matchy, and Eloise will automatically be called Ellie, same with Elliotte. The Ellie nn has just gotten out of control.
  • So, numbers.

    Savannah was rank 39, with 5,443 girls named that last year.

    Adeline is trending up fast, at 219 with 1,522 named that. I love the name, but I think it is way too matchy with your daughter.

    Mavis isn't even in the top 1000, only 231 girls were named Mavis. I think it's pretty cool and easy to pronounce. 

    Eloise I also love. it's 300 with 1,074 girls named it last year. Some people will want to call her Ellie, you can either insist on her full name or a different NN. FWIW, I really don't think it needs a nickname. It's not hard to say, nor a long name even if it is 3 syllables. Heloise might also be a good fit. That would give each daughter her own initial and cut down on the chance of "Ellie" being used.

    Elliotte is terrible. I am so over the masculine name for girls, and even more over changing the spelling of a name to make it "feminine" If you were so damn worried about your daughter having a feminine name, pick a feminine name. Not this illogical bullshit of "OMG ELLIOT IS SO CUTE BUT IT'S NOT GIRLY ENOUGH. I'LL ADD AN E AND IT WILL BE BETTER SO CUTE! I GENDER NEUTRAL NAMES, MEET MY SON MANLY ALEX AND DAUGHTER ELLIOTTE!"

    Ahem. Sorry about that.

    I think Mavis and Eloise (or Heloise) are your best options for not overly popular, easy to pronounce names that complement your daughter.
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  • Love the name Mavis, especially with your Emelyn.
  • I think Adeline and Emelyn are too close. I like Eloise the best I think, and also Savannah because Savi is a really cute nn.

    Savannah Eloise maybe?
  • We have a 5 YO Eloise and LO is Emeline (long I). We get so many compliments with the name Eloise however it seems to be getting a bit more popular than it was 5 years ago. Mavis reminds me of Thinas the train and friends. Adeline is kind of matchy for your Emelyn (love the nn Millie, never thought of that). I guess I am biased with Eloise.
  • Love Savannah Faith!
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  • Love Adeline! I have an Adelyn. I want to use Emmeline for this one but can't due to friends.
  • I have only heard the name Mavis on Hotel Transylvania ;)
  • Savannah isn't one of my favorite names in the world but I still think it's pretty. I love Adeline but I'm so over Addy. Eloise is nice but I don't like it with Emelyn. I absolutely hate the name Mavis, I think it's so unattractive. Have you considered Noelle as a first name? Noelle Faith would be lovely.
  • friends just named their baby Savannah and are calling her Savvy. 
    Mavis is fine but I like Maxine better nn Max or Maxie (boy name trend done, if you are into that)
    Colette or Colleen nn Coco
    Eloise is lovely. no nn needed.
    Please dont time stamp you child by giving her a boys name. Elliott is handsome not cute, If you like the sound of Elliott then consider Suzette, Colette, Juliette, Annette, Antionette,   
  • I like Mavis Eloise! 

  • Savannah
  • Eloise could be NNd Elle, Ella, Lola, Lulu, or Isa.
  • Della and Millie makes for the cutest sib set! I'm swooning over it



  • Savannah Faith or Eloise Noelle. I'm contemplating using Noelle for a MN, too :-)

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