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So we are planning to have our next child and thinking of names. My sons name is Ezra Dean. I really like Adelaide but I'm not sure if I could actually go for it. What do you guys think of it?

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  • I love Adelaide. 

    But please no Addie as a nickname, I'm pretty over that.
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  • bartonoliviabartonolivia
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    Yeah I absolutely hate Addie as a nick name! I'm actually pretty against nicknames but if it's necessary I will use one. guess that's another question I could ask, what nicknames other than Addie could I use for this? @wassuphoes
  • Adele and Lady are what comes to mind immediately, but nicknames do not have to be derived from their actual name. Her nn could end up being peanut.
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  • @bartonolivia i love Adelaide and i hate nicknames. My DD is Kaitlyn and people try to call her Kate i correct them every time. If i wanted her called Kate i would have named her that. 

  • Not a fan. It's too trendy IMO and doesn't sound pleasing to the ear.

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  • We also like Leia (lay-ah) but I don't know if that's too far fetched from Adelaide. I like Adelaide more and my SO likes Leia more. @wassuphoes
  • I love Adelaide.
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  • I like Adeline more than Adalaide personally, as another option. Still a possible Addie though.
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  • My friends baby's name is addilyn and my nieces name is emmaline (which I feel like is similar) so that's not an option for me. /: I like the nickname Elle though. So if we start that from the beginning then we shouldn't have too much of an issue. @mrstrax
  • If you like the nn Elle, what about Eloise?
  • My friends daughters name is Adelaide and we all call her Deedee or deedles lol not sure why ? Maybe because she has two D's in her name ? anyways it fits her
  • I think Adelaide is ok. Not my favorite, but not horrible. I think Addie is going to happen, whether you plan it or not though, and I am so over Addies (and Ellies). I think you can find much better.

    I really like Leia! Also Lilah or Leila.
  • That makes me think of cute little Shirley Temple in Heidi - her given name was Adelaide

    I wanted to somehow try and explain this. Thank you. 

  • I don't love Adelaide, you might be able to use Ada as a NN. I adore Ada.
  • I am smitten over the name Adelaide because my favorite little mom and pop coffee shop has this name. So I love it. 

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  • Yes! I think its adorable. There may be other nicknames you could come up with to gear it away from Addie if you really want to avoid i. You could probably suggest that others who want to use a nick name calll her something like Laidey (Lady), or even Dede. 
  • Love it! I also love Adeline and the nickname Dalia (fell in love during the age of Adeline movie)
  • I like Adelaide.
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