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Name help!

We're expecting baby 2 and aren't going to find out what we're having this time around. For reference, my son's name is Jack, middle name Michael. We have a list of names for boys and girls, but no names that we're sold on. So far we like: Boys: Henry, Owen, Ciaran. Middle names are Miller, Delany, Fletcher (all family names), James, Thomas Girls: Elizabeth nn Izzie, Anne, Nora, Hattie, Camille, Meredith, and Margaret nn Greta or Maggie. Middle name will be Miller, Delany, or Jane. Any other suggestions? Or good combos?

Re: Name help!

  • I really like Henry and Owen, pairs well with Jack.  Also suggesting August, Leo, Oliver, James (as FN).

    From your girl list I like Hattie and Nora the best...suggesting Anna, Cora, Lucy, Sophia
  • Boy:  Owen James or Henry Thomas
    Girl: Nora Jane


  • Jack and Frank Thomas or Jack and Caroline Jane
  • Henry Fletcher
    Margaret Delany

  • Henry James
    Nora Jane
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