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Southern Maryland moms?

Are there any young moms-to-be or moms with children in the southern Maryland area?

Ages 21-28 Trying to connect with someone in the area.  

Re: Southern Maryland moms?

  • Mom to be in SOMD!
  • chica25chica25 member
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    Hi there! I'm 28 almost 29, first baby :)
  • 28 in July SOMD FTM here!
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  • I'm 25 and have my first. She is 6 months
  • hnf921hnf921 member
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    FTM in st. Mary's county, 13 wks - due in Jan :)
  • MusicEBA22MusicEBA22 member
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    FTM in Charles County. LO is 3 weeks old and I'm 29!
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