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Flu Shot

I know this has been discussed in some of the main threads like 1st trimester and birth month groups but wondering if any of you Maine Mamas are planning to get the flu shot. I've had mixed feelings about it as I have never had one before. Thoughts?

Re: Flu Shot

  • I plan to, I don't want to risk getting the flu plus getting the shot protects baby (if breastfeeding, since under 6 mo won't have the shot). My whole office is sick right now, really don't want my little guy to catch anything!! Going to ask the pediatrician if there's anything to worry about, but I'm pretty sure it's all fine. I got it while pregnant and just needed to request a different type.
  • Some people get sick right after getting the shot, but I haven't experienced that.
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  • I plan too. I've had it before, never any issues.
  • I always get one and have never had a bad reaction. The hospital had just gotten their shipment in when I delivered so they stuck me before I left!
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