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I still need baby girl name suggestions.

I'm trying to find a middle name for Rose, or first name for Rose as the middle name.

Re: I still need baby girl name suggestions.

  • Rose Alexandra
    Rose Annaleise
    Rose Genevieve
    Rose Celeste
    Rose Elizabeth
    Rose Eleanor

    Pretty much everything works with Rose as a mn. Rose as a fn is harder.
  • Rose as a middle name works with pretty much anything.

    Rose Elaine
    Rose Corrine
    Rose Theodora
    Rose Olivia
    Rose Maureen
    Rose clarice

    I adore Rose extended some as in Rosalie, Rosa, Rosaria. I think it makes pairing it a bit easier as well.

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  • I love just Rose as a FN but it feels like a filler as a MN. I don't really like any of the "fuller" names.

    Were there any other names you liked? More traditional or vintage? I think a lot of names would work well as a MN but I don't worry too much about flow, we pick names we love even if they don't sound perfect together.
  • I think Rosemary or Rosalie with nn rose or Rosie is so sweet, and age well. I actually like it better as a first name than a middle name.

    If you prefer it as a middle name, I'd go for something longer as a first name.

    Tabitha Rose
    Felicity Rose
    Josseyln Rose
    Annalise Rose
    Amelia Rose
    Delia Rose

  • We're using Rose in the name after my great grandma Rose Mary, whom I was close to before she dies. The only other name we like is Naomi but we don't know if it goes with Rose as a middle name or first name.
  • Rosamond is another pretty extended version of Rose.

    Also FWIW I love Naomi Rose.
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  • Hadley Rose
    Maisy Rose
    Oakley Rose (was my number 1 before we decided on Rowynn Grace)
  • Everything goes with rose.

    Olivia rose.
    Penelope rose.
    Rose Irene.
    Clara rose.
  • Naomi Rose is lovely if you go the mn route.

    As a fn...some maybe more vintage....

    Rose Loren
    Rose Marie
    Rose Therese
    Rose Corinne
    Rose Martine
    Rose Clarice

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