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Teething fever too high?

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My son was starting to get a fever at the nanny's. They only had a temporal thermometer so we used that and it said 101(3:45pm). He had been showing signs of teething and was very grumpy so I gave him some Tylenol. An hour and lots of traffic later, we got home and his fever was 103.3! In the next hour, it started to go down and is now around 100-101. It was the. I discovered his bottom tooth had poked through!

Do you think this fever could have just been teething? It's seems too high! Anyone had a fever like that? He is now sleeping and has been sleeping soundly for 2 hours.

Re: Teething fever too high?

  • Nope. Baby boy hasn't started teething yet so have not experienced this. I would give a call to the pediatrician though just to be sure everything is ok because that seems pretty high.
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  • 3 days later and he still has a fever. It definitely wasn't teething. Unfortunately we don't know exactly what it is, an ER and a dr visit later and it's still "virus". The temp is not nearly as high(it peaked at 104.9). Though both his bottom teeth popped through this week. Rough week for him.
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