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Possible round ligament pain

I really could use some advice. Are there any runners out there? Well, I used to be a runner and I would get these cramps in my stomach. The only way to alleviate it was to stop running. That is what I have right now. I was on the treadmill walking this morning when it began, so I stop my walk short. Mind you, I walk at least 5 days a week. The pain never went away. It is on the right side of my stomach, like halfway between my belly button and my side. I feel it more when I walk and have to walk slightly bent over in order to avoid the pain. I've never felt this is pregnancy before. I called the doctor and they told me to call L&D who said it sounds like RLP. Has anyone else ever felt this or does it sound like something else?
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Re: Possible round ligament pain

  • That is what my RLP felt like. I had it really bad with my first pregnancy so much so I ended up in the ER and they thought it was my appendix. They ended up giving me a belly support band and that helped a lot. I am already feeling the same pain at 7 weeks this time around.

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