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Opinions needed for girl name

I love the name Ruby for our girl and want to pair it with Jane which was my grandmothers's name. My husband is not crazy about it. I'd love any thoughts or suggestions!

Re: Opinions needed for girl name

  • It's not my favorite, but I don't mind it. Both you and your husband have to agree on it though.

    Alice Jane
    Pearl Jane
    Opal Jane
    Hazel Jane
    Garnet Jane
    Willa Jane
    Corinne Jane
    Beatrix Jane
    Ophelia Jane
    Patricia Jane
    Marjorie Jane
    Ethel Jane
    Nora Jane
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  • I think Ruby Jane is cute, but if your DH doesn't like it, it's a moot point.

    Pretty much everything pairs nicely with Jane.

  • Jane is our middle name for a girl!

    Our List:
    Ella Jane
    Ava Jane
    Olivia Jane
    Charlotte Jane
    Amelia Jane
    Vera Jane
    Emory Jane
    Savannah Jane
    Leighton Jane
    Sophia Jane
    Avery Jane
    Madelyn Jane
    Eloise Jane
    Ashley Jane
    Harper Jane
    Logan Jane
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  • Love Ruby Jane!
  • I think Ruby Jane is beautiful.
  • Totally adorable. I love it.
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  • I adore the name Ruby Jane! Too bad your husband isn't sold. Perhaps:

    Violet Jane
    Molly Jane
    Natalie Jane
    Maya Jane
    Margot Jane
    Amy Jane
    Clara Jane
    Felicity Jane
    Melody Jane
  • Ruby Jane is adorable!
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  • Thanks for all the suggestions! Many are also on our list. DH did say that Ruby is growing on him so I'm hopeful he'll come around :) We haven't shared our list with anyone so the unbiased feedback is much appreciated
  • Ruby Jane is really sweet!  I've heard Avery Jane and my cousin is Meredith Jane, I think those also sound nice with Jane.  Good luck!  
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  • LOVE Ruby Jane! It is a name that will fit her at any age.
  • I really like it!
  • I loooove Jane! Great choice.
  • I like it. Different enough but not weird.
  • I love it! I have a Karis Jane :)

  • Ruby is NMS but I love Jane. It's my DD's first name and my middle name. Pretty much anything goes with Jane as a middle name as long as it's two syllables or more.
  • That is cute! I like the name Hadley too :)
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