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Which girl name please!?

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Which do you like best?

Which girl name please!? 228 votes

30% 70 votes
24% 56 votes
Juliette (I dislike Julie as a NN)
10% 23 votes
Julianna ( ^ no Julie NN)
11% 26 votes
20% 46 votes
3% 7 votes

Re: Which girl name please!?

  • Vivienne, if pronounced correctly. Otherwise Audrey.
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  • This looks like it could be my girl names list! I voted Audrey, but love them all. You can't go wrong.
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  • Violet: Pretty 
    Vivian//Vivienne: Love it and vivi as a nn
    Juliet/Juliette: Juliet is just such a beautiful name. The nn I would naturally use would be Jules
    Julianna: meh
    Audrey: There is a pretty simplicity to this name but it does nothing for me and I don't like that there isn't a nn.
    Macy: NO.
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  • Thank you all!
  • LOVE Violet. It's on my list of this one's a girl.
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  • I'm really looking Violet too! This is so hard
  • Vivienne or Juliette. Both beautiful - and on my list too! ;)
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  • I voted Violet, but also really like Audrey and Vivienne.

  • Love the NN Jules!



  • Love Vivienne, that's what I voted for. But I also like Juliet, Violet and Julianna
  • I'm tied between Vivienne and Audrey. Both are lovely and on my girl list ;)
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  • Love Violet, my LO Middle name.
  • I voted for Audrey- it's so timeless. Vivienne and violet are too popular right now IMO. But all of your names, popular or not, are very pretty!

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  • I voted for Audrey, but it was tough! This is one of the best baby name lists I've seen- all great options! Congrats!
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  • DH and I are locked in a battle over Juliette and Audrey. Great list; you really can't go wrong with any of them!
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  • emmy236emmy236
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    Our DD who is 5 weeks old is Juliet so obviously I'm completely biased. I do love Violet and Vivienne but sadly there are 3 Violets the same age as my DS (28 months) and I've seen a few Vivienne/Vivans around. Not a single Juliet. FWIW Juliet Vivienne has a nice flow.

    Ive never seen the appeal of Audrey, Julianna seems a bit dated and Macy seems juevinile.
  • I like Juliet when spelled like I just did. I'm not poo pooing the '-ette' spelling but just my personal preference. 

    I would never nn a Juliet to be "Julie". 
  • My DD is Juliet so I'm a little biased! My dad sometimes calls her Jules, but other than that, no nn!

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