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Teeth at 7 months

My lo has 5 teeth and is getting 2 more. I nurse exclusively and my nipples are getting raw. What can I do to either wean him to a bottle or having him stop biting me. Thanx.

Re: Teeth at 7 months

  • I'd ask the BF'ing board.
  • my buddy has 8 teeth.  we had a rough go.  i tried stopping him every time he bit but he still ended up breaking the skin.  i had to pump and bottle feed him for a few days to heal and currently we are using a nipple shield but i'm hoping not for long. 
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  • Sorry I am not help, but I'm curious about this too as my LO is starting to get teeth and she likes to bite me just with her gums already, but she wont take a bottle. 
  • When he bites, stop, pull away and say no bites, a little sternly. If you yelp or yell, he may think you are playing. If he continues to bite, stop and put your boobies away. Everyone bites at some point but it depends on your reaction. If he's gnawing, he might be trying to nursing for pain relief rather than hunger, he might prefer something cold.


  • My son has his 2 bottom teeth, and man does it hurt when he bites! He typically bites during the end of his nursing session, so I watch him carefully to monitor his cues. When he does bite, I sternly say "no biting." He laughs hysterically every time!
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