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Frozen breast milk and baby food

I am about to start making some baby food and was wondering if I thaw out some breast milk just in the fridge and use it to thin out some of the baby food, can that batch of baby food be frozen again?

Re: Frozen breast milk and baby food

  • I have always been told that once milk is thawed it needs to be used and not refrozen. (not saying 100% that that is correct info, just what i have been told) 

    With my first,  I would just use stored milk to feed baby, pumped to mimic the feeding session, and then used the fresh milk to make the baby food. Then I knew it was safe to freeze. 
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  • Ok thanks ! So now the trick will be to get the little monkey to take a bottle haha
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  • You can not re freeze breastmilk or the baby food for that matter. Once defrosted the milk can stay in the fridge for 24hrs. If boiling the veggies you can also use some of the water to thin it.
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