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Flooding Today

Not a question really. But my girl is 3 weeks old and I keep putting off my first trip out with her without DH. I'd gotten myself all set for today and even told myself that a little rain was no excuse not to go to Hannaford. As I was getting ready she spit up a LOT down my shirt and I decided the day was shot. Half an hour later I get a flash flood alert on my phone. SO glad I got spit up on because I'd completely have gotten stuck in that mess on Marginal Way and I can only imagine my stress level!

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  • riri111riri111 member
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    Hi! It was craziness out there. At least today the sun is (kind of) out and the weather looks good for the next couple of days. Have fun venturing out together!

    I'm in Maine, TTC, and so happy to have found the forum has some activity!
  • I work on Forest Ave right next to Oakhurst dairy in the old pier one building and it was like a river flowing down the street! I almost went home early but they were closing all the roads so I just stayed at work!
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  • That was brutal. The yard, driveway and basement of my apartment floods with every rain like this. It happened in April the day we were discharged from the hospital after having our baby! We couldn't go home because we had no water or electricity, my husband was gone from 5am-2pm having to deal with the house because our landlord is useless. So we had to go to my mother in laws--in Waterboro!! Ugh it was awful I was a hormonal emotional mess! Anyway, don't beat up on yourself for not getting out yet with the babe, it'll happen when you're both ready and the planets align!! :) my first outing alone with the baby was so small, but feels good once that first is under your belt, it's like, welcome back into the world ha
  • Congrats by the way!!! 3 weeks! How are you feeling? :)
  • Willow1400Willow1400 member
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    I finally got out a day later. Down the street to Rite Aid and I had to sit in the backseat in the parking lot while while Penny screamed, watching YouTube videos on how to get her dang car seat out (hubs did it for Drs visits) but I made it!

    Accomplishments today look very different than they did 4 weeks ago. :)

  • Glad you did it!! Next one will go even smoother!
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