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Eloping from Hotel Rooms

Any tips or suggestions on how to keep my 8yrs old, autistic son from eloping from our hotel room....he has a fascination with elevators.  So in most cases, the hotels where we stay have elevators and he is constantly trying to run out the room to them.  We've tried door stoppers but for the most part don't seem to fit right to keep the door closed tightly when he tries to open it.  In the meantime, we just put chairs, our luggages, hanging bells and any hotel furniture you can think of up against the door in order for us to be able to sleep at night.

TIA  ;)

Re: Eloping from Hotel Rooms

  • We're pretty much in the same boat. We put stuff in front of the door, especially heavy and noisy stuff, so DS1 doesn't take off. (He really likes elevators too). We have started getting suites when we stay in hotels and that helps, provides more doors to get through which gives us more time to react before he can get out.
    I'm interested too if anyone else has some good ideas on this issue.
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