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Pressure to have genetic testing.

I am hoping that someone has had a similar experience. We did PDG testing on our day 5 embryos to have two come back no good and on BB grade. We transferred that one in and wonderfully got a BFP.
We are at 19 weeks now and due to my age have had a few level two ultrasounds. Each time they are pushing the genetic testing down our throats and trying to scare us with all the possibilities. I look at them and say correct me if I'm wrong but your genes don't change after the baby has implanted right... (With a sarcastic tone)
They are asking why I don't want an amnio. Uuuhhh. Hello do you not read a chart and know what we went through toget here. I know PDG isn't 100% but we were told it was 98% accurate so why force us to take a test when it won't change our choice.
Sorry for the rant but I was wondering how you were able to respond to get them off your back.

Re: Pressure to have genetic testing.

  • Wow! No experience but what jerks! Sorry they are being like that to you! When I was pregnant with DD with had the prelim testing and my blood work came back flagged for a chance of downs. They wanted me to do a level 2 u/s and then an amnio too. I agreed to the level 2 but said no to the amnio. She had no markers for downs at the level 2 and came out perfectly healthy. Sometimes I wonder if they push that stuff to make more money because they can charge insurance for more tests. You couldn't have paid me a million dollars to have an amnio! Again sorry they are doing that to you.

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  • My dr says since my embryos were tested, the risk outweighs the benefit of testing since the accuracy is so high. We do know it's not 100%, but it's high enough to not risk invasive testing.

    I'm sorry you're going through that. They should be supportive of your choice.


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  • My dr says since my embryos were tested, the risk outweighs the benefit of testing since the accuracy is so high. We do know it's not 100%, but it's high enough to not risk invasive testing. I'm sorry you're going through that. They should be supportive of your choice.

    Same with me 

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  • Sorry you're going through this! IF you were to decide to do any (which clearly shouldn't be necessary given your PGD), NIPT would probably be a better choice. We'll be doing the 'regular' prenatal testing but wen ended up refusing to pay for NIPT because the results wouldn't change anything for us at this point (i.e. We wouldn't terminate a pregnancy no matter what...we worked too hard for this to happen). I think that normally fertile people (and their doctors) just can't get that. I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy and baby...I'd change doctors if this keeps up, you just don't need that kind of negativity now.
  • My dr specifically doesn't want do to amnio or other invasive testing due to the risk since she knows what we went thru to get pregnant in the first place (IVF). I've only had the blood tests done (I didn't test the embryos before) and due to my age insurance covered it.
  • That's terrible they are pushing it on you like that. If you said no once, they should listen and leave you alone about it! Amnio has so many risks. I would never get an amnio! Of course I am like @KidShrink and no matter what we would not terminate the pregnancy. We worked too hard and too long for this. Would it be nice to know in advance so we can prepare for it? Maybe... but no way would I get an amnio or any sort of invasive testing. Nope.

    If the embryos were tested before the transfer, then I think your fine and your doctor is a jerk!

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  • That's bizarre that they're pushing Amnio on you after you have a PGS report. I ended up pregnant naturally after giving up (you don't want to see my PGS report from our failed IVF) and my dr wanted all the screening done (bloods and ultrasounds) but they only do cvs or Amnio if there are markers that show up in the screenings. They said that the screenings had gotten so accurate that they only miss 1% and the risk is just not worth it. I will say something to support Amnio and getting the correct diagnosis. I had a friend who's son had a heart defect (repairable) and had they not been able to diagnose and manage the pregnancy (he had to be born c-section) the outcome could've been negative. Amnio catches things that aren't the 3 trisomies. But again, there was a heart marker on her level 2 ultrasound that warranted further investigation. I'm sorry you're going through this, and I agree with you. You have every right to turn down these tests for whatever reason and you shouldn't be pressured into something you don't want.
  • Sorry you're going through this.  IMO an amnio is not worth the risk if you have done PGD testing.  They should be respectful of your decision.  My doc asked me if I wanted one and when I said no that was the end of the discsussion.  
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    We had PGS testing done on our embryos and are currently pregnant with a boy. The hospital where I want to give birth requires first trimester screening - nuchal translucency test and blood work. My doctor strongly recommended against having the blood work done because of high instances of false positives, but the hospital's policy carried the day. The ultrasound was good, but the blood work indicated a 1 in 15 chance of Down Syndrome, which is terrifying. I'm currently awaiting the results of the free cell DNA test before deciding whether to do anything more invasive. It has been an absolute nightmare. My husband and I agreed long ago that we would terminate with a diagnosis of DS, and nothing has changed in that regard. We're hoping for the best but are still afraid of the worst. We were hoping the preimplantation genetic testing would have spared us going through this, but there's always the remote chance of mosaicism or simple error. If you would not terminate, I don't see why something as invasive and potentially harmful as amnio would be necessary. If you simply want more information and want to be prepared in case there is a problem, the fetal DNA test is a good option. Insurance often covers it for women over 35.
  • My current little bean was PGS tested too with that same "98%" confidence level.

    Since I'm 36, I had special bloodwork called Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPS) which identifies the baby's genetic material (or cells or something) in my bloodstream and screens it very effectively for many chromosomal issues. My doctor said that automatic amnios are a thing of the past with this advanced, enhanced screening. Can you look into this?

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