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Induce naturally (medically needed)

Hi everyone! I have some medical complications that are leading me to require early induction (37 weeks so still full term) but I had a TERRIBLE experience with my first delivery and ended up having a C-section because the doctor was basically tired of waiting (those were her actual words). I still have some PTSD - I wish I was exaggerating. I was dead-set on a VBAC until these complications hit. At this point, I just want the baby safely out by the end of the 37th week. But if I could also still do a VBAC, I would be thrilled as this is my last pregnancy because of the complications. Again, VBAC is not my ultimate goal but if I can induce labor naturally and have a better shot at the VBAC, it would be great! So, any tips? I realize that my body probably won't really be into it but with this particular complication, early delivery is a risk so maybe the L&D gods will be on my side? I won't be trying anything until I get the 36 week amnio results back saying lungs are ok and the doctor gives me the "green light", so don't worry, I'm not trying anything risky. 

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  • We don't know what complications you are having. Some complications make you an automatic c-section. Like if my baby is more than 9lbs I will have a c-section because that's hospital policy.

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  • I have ICP and GD. I am not an automatic C/S if I can go into labor on my own. If I go until the "deadline" of 37+5, I will have to have a C/S because they won't induce a VBAC. I hope that makes sense. So I'm looking for ways to help encourage my body to go into labor once I get the "green light" from my doctor that the baby's lungs are healthy. 
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  • @kderham I'm sorry this is a little unrelated, but I also have ICP. Did you have it with your first pregnancy? I had it with my first and had already started dilating around 34 weeks, but also ended up having a C-Section after laboring for 26 hours :/ I'm also hoping for a VBAC, but if it comes down to it, my doctor said we could try a version of a screen down, immediate skin-to-skin c-section. I'll be praying for you! Best of luck :)
  • I didn't have it with my first - or rather, it wasn't diagnosed. I did have liver/gall bladder problems but never the itching so no ICP blood work. How early did you deliver? I've been having all sorts of odd things going on - they could be normal but just didn't happen with my first pregnancy - but my providers aren't very helpful or friendly so I never ask my questions - which is stupid, I know! - but fighting with doctors just to get someone to diagnose and then treat and plan has been such an uphill battle since this started! At this point, I don't think I will even make it to the 37 week c-section/induction mark! Then again I haven't been checked to see if any of these contractions are progressing because the last midwife I saw said "they're probably not" and ignored it. Hopefully I go into labor all on my own in about 2 weeks! I haven't gotten to ask my questions regarding how the C-section will go and what things we can try since my OB hasn't talked to me since the peri officially diagnosed me. I'm a major planner by nature so this has been very difficult. Just want the baby here safely at this point!
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