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So I'm currently pregnant with baby #2. My first baby just turned 2 and I EBF her for the first year. I'm currently 24 weeks pregnant. This pregnancy I wake up with sore breasts. Especially in the armpit area. It almost feels like engorgement. Throughout the morning it goes away. This happens every morning and occasionally I feel almost like a let down but nothing comes out. Am I crazy or is this normal once you have nursed a baby previously? Thanks in advance.
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Re: STM question

  • It had been a gap between my two so I never had this sensation although sounds like it could be possible phantom feelings?
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  • I stopped nursing my first when I was 5 months pregnant with my second and I had very similar pains throughout the rest of my pregnancy. I would massage the area in case is was clogged duct, but it never caused more problems.
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  • My sons are 4 years apart. With DS2 it hurt soooo much to put on deodorant because I had that same engorged feeling. It lasted into my second trimester and slowly got better. My doctor told me it was my mammary glands expanding to get ready and was perfectly normal. I never had the letdown sensation though. I wonder if the first time around we just never thought to associate our armpits with our boobs, lol!
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