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Hi all, 

I am very early in my pregnancy (6 weeks) and new to the area! I have an OB I have seen once (not for this pregnancy) and really liked, so for now I am sticking with here (Dr. Trollip at Raleigh OB-GYN Centre), however, they are about 20 minutes from my house in Cary and deliver at Rex (also 20 minutes away). I am thinking about switching to an OB in Cary and delivering at WakeMed Cary. Problem is, I don't read great reviews about the OBs here. Great things about WakeMed, but not the doctors that deliver there. I prefer a female doctor and I'd rather it not be a practice where you rotate through all the doctors. Does anyone have experience/feedback about Dr. Trollip/REX, or recommendations for OBs in Cary? Experiences with delivering at WakeMed? 

Re: Cary/Raleigh OB/Hospital Recs

  • I'm in North raleigh, so no ob recs in Cary. Friends of mine have delivered at both Rex and WakeMed Cary with great experiences at both so either way you go you're fine. Just wouldn't recommend WakeMed Raleigh. Also, unfortunately it's pretty standard practice in Raleigh that you rotate through all the doctors in the practice. Not my preference either. I looked and looked, but couldn't find a doc that doesn't rotate. So, if you have one you like, that may be your answer. Good luck!
  • I go to Triangle Physicians for Women in Cary and they deliver at WakeMed Cary. This is my first baby, so I don't have much experience with them, but so far we are happy. My doctor is Dr. Grana, but for our first appointment we saw a midwife and she was great!! Took an hour with us to answer any questions we had. In addition, I have a friend who goes there who is a nurse at WMC and she said she wouldn't go anywhere else!

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    @BP1979 why wouldn't you recommend wake med Raleigh? It has one of the best NICU's in NC. Just curious!
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    For what it's worth, I am in the same boat.  New to the city, newly pregnant.   I have my first appointment at Triangle Womens in 2 weeks (which means delivering at Cary WakeMed)  I'll keep this posted.
  • BP1979BP1979 member
    I wouldn't recommend WakeMed Raleigh because several friends who delivered there had bad experiences. Due to the location, most moms without insurance end up delivering there, and my friend said the quality of care for the mom wasn't very good -- like they were a number and rushed in and out. Many of them had their first at WakeMed Raleigh and the second at Rex. Every woman I've ever talked to has absolutely RAVED about Rex! Basically it's like a private birthing facility, great food that you can order from room service, feeling pampered and taken care of. Personally I don't get why the food being good would be a factor, but I do think the level of care for the mom needs to be just as good as the care for the baby. My friend who delivered at Wake Med Raleigh didn't have any concerns about the care of their babies, just about how they were treated and their level of comfort.
  • I also went to triangle physicians for women in Cary. I've seen Dr Grana there as well as most of the midwives and loved all of them. I have recently switched to baby and co (a maternity and birthing center) As I prefer to not deliver in a hospital so that I can have a water birth again.
  • I love my drs at Kamm Mackenzie. I will be delivering at wake med raleigh, ms have heard mix reviews but they have a great nicu if needed.

    I am new to the area but feel very comfortable.
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    I am fairly new to the area, as well. When I first moved to Raleigh in late 2014, I saw a doctor at Durham Women's Health Alliance for my annual because it was the only office who could get a new patient in quickly. I actually called Raleigh OBGYN first, but it would've been months before I could see a doctor. Several of my coworkers go to Dr. Trollip and LOVE her. I am seeing her for my first prenatal appointment later this month. I've heard nothing but good things!
  • Wake med Raleigh is amazing for labor and delivery, but I wasn't too please with post partum care. I was there for 4 days, had some great nurses but also had some not so great ones! I also went to kamm Mackenzie and loved them. Dr. Byrd is amazing and dr. Bass delivered my baby and he is great!
  • We don't really have a choice being part of Kamm McKenzie on hospital (wish they delivered at wake med north) but they are great. The only down side I found with wake med was food. But I just had hubby run down to Au Bon Pan. With this next baby we will be delivering there as well.
  • I love Kamm Mckenzie. I dislike the new doctor there.. She is arrogant and was wrong with my measurements. I will make sure she is not on call. I love all the other drs in the practice.. I will be Delivering there in the next few weeks at wakemed raleigh .
  • I recently had my daughter in April at Wake Med Cary and had a wonderful experience. Nice and quiet and the facility is so large they seem to almost have too much space!

    I know you'd like to not have a practice with a lot of doctors but there are some advantages to this. My doctors are the Cary OBGyn doctors and I've been going there for about 10 years before having my first. For delivery I had Dr. Bonpain and I can't say enough how amazing she is. Hands down one of the nicest people. She makes you feel so comfortable and truly takes care of you. She was able to keep me from having a c-section and was very patient with my wishes to have a natural birth. She has delivered several of my friends babies also and they all rave about her. The other doctors in the practice are very nice as well and I never had any issues with any of them. Good luck!!
  • Brannon OBGYN is who I see now. He delivered my two youngest siblings, so I have a lot of trust in his abilities.
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  • For my Last baby, I wasn't pleased with Cary obgyn at waverly place. Couldn't get in with dr grana which was recommended to me. I use Dr Gerald welch next door to wake med Cary and I love him! Love the individual attention. Good luck!
  • I gave birth at Baby + Co, a birthing center in Cary, and had the most empowering experience.  I would do it again in a heartbeat and I recommend them to everyone.
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