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Zofran use while pregnant

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Hi mommies, so my first trimester I had terrible nausea every day and lost a total of 15-20lbs. I ended up going to urgent care out of fear that I was dehydrated. Thankfully I wasn't dehydrated but the doctor did prescribe me Zofran which is known to treat nausea. I notified my OB the next day and she didn't seem concerned. Like with most medications the doctor did tell me that zofran could cause birth defects. I started taking it at 13 weeks and since then I have taken it a total of 5 or 6 times. I'm currently around 19 weeks and not taking it anymore as my nausea has gotten much better and I am finally able to eat. 

One of my friends whom is also pregnant made a post on Face Book stating that she was experiencing nausea. I responded by saying that zofran helped me deal with nausea. Then all of a sudden all these comments showed up from people I don't really know. One girl was like "oh their not even suppose to prescribe zofran because it was recalled it gives baby birth defects and she goes on to say it gave her friend's baby a cleft lip. I know the birth defects but I also know a lot of woman that told me they took zofran well pregnant and had healthy babies. I haven't became dependent on the medication because I knew the risks. Why would a OB prescribe it if it wasn't alright when not consumed all the time? 

This bothered me a little, a couple of the moms to be that commented on my post are smokers. I was thinking well smoking while pregnant can give your baby birth defects also. Idk I guess I just wanted to hear what you other moms thought about zofran. Did you ever take it and what is your experience with it? 

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  • First of all, I'm going to go ahead and let you know that if your doctor okay-ed it, then I wouldn't worry about random strangers telling you otherwise :)

    Secondly, with my first, I wound up in the ER because I thought I broke my wrist. I told them I was pregnant, they asked a million questions, I explained my nausea, and they wound up prescribing Zofran. I took it once, and it didn't help, so I didn't take it again.

    Like I said though, when in doubt, ask your doctor. That's what they're there for. :)

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  • I wouldn't worry too much about the other people's comments. Birth defects linked to that medication were a study done on women that took it before 9 weeks of pregnancy when the palate and lips are forming.  I take Zofran 4mg once a day, every morning.  I took it my entire pregnancy with my first 9 weeks - 38 weeks (she was perfectly healthy with no birth defects) and have taken it the entire time this time as well (I am 20 weeks).There are risks with every medication, but the benefits outweigh the risks in my opinion. I couldn't eat or function without it. I believe anything that will give me a healthy pregnancy and baby is what I need to do. I cannot even take any vitamins. I guess what I am trying to say is, in most cases you and baby will be perfectly healthy. No need to worry about unnecessary comments.

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  • I am a FTM and I also suffered from severe morning sickness. I lost 18 pounds in several weeks. My OB gave me quite some medications including zofran. It worked great for me. I did ask my OB about the risk. He said I am better with than without it. Because I can't eat or drink without it. And it will hurt my baby too if I don't get enough nutrition. He also told me that he would have put me to hospital and IV me the medication if I don't take it and don't start gaining weight. I was worried before, but I decided to let go. I have made the best choice for me and my baby, according to my OB. That's what I kept in mind. So don't worry. Also, I have read some research, too. There are so many reasons that baby may get birth defects. For zofran, the data is not enough to prove it will cause the birth defects. There are one million pregnant women taking zofran in the U.S. every year and most of them get a health baby. The very small amount, like you said, we don't know what they had done, like smoking. Plus you have only taken it for five or six times. Just relax and enjoy the pregnancy. We will all get a healthy baby.
  • Diclegis has the same risks as Zofran yet people are taking that and acting like its 100% safe. I took Zofran 6-8 times between 8 weeks and 15 weeks and my doctor was glad to hear I used it when needed. Just do what you and your doctor feel is best for the health of you and your baby and know that everything else is in God's control. :D
  • Lurking from N15 but I took zofran four times a day this entire pregnancy as well as reglan, diclegis, phenerghan, and compazine to combat HG. It was this or get a picc line and take it all IV. The study shows a minimal increase at best and it's a very small sample size. My baby is perfectly normal anatomically. I would trust your ob, they know what they're doing.
  • Well, anecdotally, I took Zofran for probably 1/3 of my first pregnancy and my son was perfect.

    But really, I agree with PPs. Any medication is a risk but if your doctor was comfortable, I'd ignore those people. They don't have medical degrees. And there's no absolute proof that Zofran causes issues- correlation does not equal causation. I'd look at it like this- the small risk is worth you feeling better and being able to keep food down. You're making the healthy choice.
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  • Do you have hyperemesis gravidarum? I had it with my now 7 year old and currently with this pregnancy (am 18 weeks). I took zofran until I was 14 weeks with my daughter, and am still currently taking it with this pregnancy. The thing is, the benefits of taking Zofran when you are this sick outweighs the risk. People read stories online without the facts. One of the main lawsuits was a woman who took her whole prescription in one day,when she was super
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