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Hi all!

I had an IUI 10 days ago with the trigger shot 11 days ago. I tested out the HCG shot and took another test today with it being fainter than the control line. but obviously positive. Heres why I'm freaking out. 10dpiui seems soon to be getting a darker line to me. We triggered with 6follicles which already freaked me out, but with fewer I couldn't get one to implant. My first pregnancy ended up being chemical. but now with this positive so soon I'm nervous more than one implanted.. Has anyone gotten a positive 10dpiui??? Twins would be a blessing, not sure I could handle more than that! 


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  • I had a positive at 8dpiui, pregnant with triplets.
    That being said my betas were below average for twins, above average for singleton.
    The only sure way to tell is by ultrasound.
    Congratulations! I would be nervous for multiples too, with that many mature eggs!

    Two years, two losses and three IUIs...

    We are having TRIPLETS!

    EDD 1/26/16

     GGB born November 2015!

  • My singleton numbers were pretty high with my son and my twins (pregnant now) were super high numbers. With that said, lots of those test aren't all the great. Just because the line is dark, it doesnt indicate number...it just darkens over a certain amount. Urine dilution can play a major part. My tests were super light bc I drink so much water. Even at 8 weeks they weren't accurate for my OB when they dipped it. And my twins were measuring two weeks ahead at that point.

    But a line is a line. My OB and RE said that those triggers will really only show a positive until days 5-7. Not always accurate since bodies are all different, but yay for a positive! And 6 follicles .... Wow. We used donor eggs bc I ovulated empty follicles (rare and luckily my only issue) so when I see people produce that much I am amazed! Congrats! I hope you have a sticky baby(ies). :)

    p.s. I would call your doctor to get a blood test. They always were frustrated with me when I didn't call after testing. Ha. I never had a BFP, but they still wanted to know what the results were! It may help ease your mind a bit.
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