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How to take it easy!

I have recently be made high risk and told by my Dr not to return to work. My job is a fast moving, demanding, high stress and crisis driven. Therefore Im having a lot of difficulty taking it easy as Im just not used to it. All I did this morning was clean the house and I almost passed out twice. Does anyone have any tips on taking it easy?

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  • I found myself in the same situation 6 weeks ago. I'm much better at taking it easy now but those first 10 or so days were hell. I just kept reminding myself that this was for the baby and that there would be many more sacrifices I would need to make as a parent. In the grand scheme of things this was just a small bump in the road and totally worth the outcome of a healthy baby. As far as tips go, I limited myself to 15 minutes of light housework at a time with at least a one hour rest period to follow, it allowed me to still feel productive. I also used the time to make freezer meals for after the baby comes. I'll be induced in a week. How far along are you?
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  • I feel your pain to some extent. My job is not necessarily fast paced, but it certainly keeps me mentally and physically busy. Last Friday I was put on bed rest and told I could get up to get something to eat or go to the bathroom. I feel like a caged animal, to be honest, but I'm keeping my eye on the prize. I give myself about 10 minutes to go walk around on our porch every afternoon for fresh air, and I savor my shower time. lol. My advice is to find some good books that you can get wrapped up on, or some DIY projects (maybe for baby's room?) that can be done sitting down, watch some movies, and if you're a nerd like me, sign up for some free classes on to keep your brain the game while you're sidelined. That's about all  I've got, but I might be here until January, so I am sure I'll know all the ins and outs of bed rest before it's all said and done. haha. Good luck, and I hope the rest of your pregnancy progresses smoothly!
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  • Thanks ladies! I was 26 weeks when I was made high risk and now Im 29 weeks-booked in for a C/S at 38 weeks.
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