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HELP! Pump becoming ineffective?

Help! I'm a working mom of an 8-month-old and have been using my medela pump in style advanced to pump at work. However, over the past few weeks, it seems like the pump has completely become ineffective at getting the milk out. I've replaced the membranes, tried pumping only one breast at time, tried dialing up the suck, and tried pumping more frequently. NOTHING HELPS! I know it's not my supply--milk is in there, and I'm able to hand express after trying with pump no problem, but hand expression is not efficient for me to do at the office. 

ANY SUGGESTIONS?! Thanks in advance for your help. [cross posted in other groups]

Re: HELP! Pump becoming ineffective?

  • Medela PISA didn't agree with me. I'm loving the Spectra S1 (or S2 - one has a battery and the other doesn't, otherwise they're identical). Check out the reviews online.. .
  • Contact Medela, if your pump is less than a year old they will often replace it for free.
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    I replaced the membrane valves with duck bill valves (off amazon) and got much better suction. Maybe try replacing the tubes too or doing breast compression while pumping if you haven't been? If all else fails, like PP said, call Medela. Good luck!

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