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Complete Women's Care in Meadowbrook, PA (Holy Redeemer)

Anyone else go here? I don't know anyone else who has! I received the worst letter in the world. My OBGYN office is closing and the letter states that my doctor will no longer be able to provide care.....I LOVE my dr and have conflicting information. Recently a friend said she called to make her ob appointments there and they told her they deliver at einstein now, which did not make sense being that they were in the HRH Medical Building. When i googled the shit out the practice and my drs name at one point it showed she was part of Mont County Medical Associates which have locations in Burholme and Holy Redeemer but seemed like a general internal medicine office.

I plan on calling monday in hopes to get some info but have to come to grips that i may need to find a new one.

Anyone recommend an OBGYN? I would like to stay at Holy Redeemer but will consider switching hospitals. I would also prefer a woman OB.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Complete Women's Care in Meadowbrook, PA (Holy Redeemer)

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    I heard they are no longer with Holy Redeemer but didn't hear the details. I have been with Kramer OB GYN and assoc for about 11 years. They delivered my "baby" in 2004. I see Dr Kramer but I love all the dr there!!! Phones can be a lil crazy but def worth it! Just in case 215-543-0090
  • I know this post is from May, but I wanted to see if you found a new OBGYN at Holy Redeemer. I was thinking of going to Holy Redeemer Women's Care since they have an office about a mile from me. I had been seeing a doctor in Doylestown but I think I might prefer Holy Redeember.
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  • Dr Devlin is a female ob and part of kramers practice at holy redeemer. She is amazing!!! I can't recommend her enough.
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