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Placenta accreta. .. anyone have any insight?

I am 25 years old and am 22 weeks. This is my second high risk pregnancy and I have been diagnosed with placenta accreta. I am suppose to be due Jan 25 but am now looking at a due date in December making my baby Nyla come at 33 34 weeks. I am to have a c section and mandated hysterectomy around that time as well. I am struggling coping wise and was wondering if anyone else is in my same boat or has experienced it. I would like some insight on the recovery aspect. What do you do to prep for it?

Re: Placenta accreta. .. anyone have any insight?

  • I just had mine done 08/28. Recovery wise it hasn't been too Terribly different than my previous csection. My muscles are a lot more sore than what I remember though. I'm still having to take some ibuprofen at times. My hysterectomy was rather invasive because of the position of the placenta. I had increta (it grew through my uterus and onto my bladder). My placenta was complete prévia and anterior. Because it was anterior they had to get above it to cut in for the csection. My exterior scar is from pubic bone past my belly button three inches (so about a foot long). I did have a catheter for a week because of bladder reconstruction and that was probably the worst. Just keep up on pain meds. I got a binder and it was a lot of help. And take it easy! If you have any questions you can dm me or email me [email protected] I would happily share any knowledge you want :-)
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  • Ty so very much for the feed back. I appreciate it. I was wondering about the binders. What brand would you recommend that is easy on the scar line?
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  • I just got one from the hospital. They are pretty good about giving them since you had major abdominal surgery. But they have them on Amazon around 15 dollars or so. Nothing fancy just the plain white one with Velcro. You'll have a dressing over your incision at first then steri strips. I did get some nonstick gauze at the hospital to lay over the incision when I put the binder on but nothing ever bothered my incision
  • Nice. Ty for the advice.
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