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please help!! how do i get baby back on the breast?

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Ive got low supply from pumping and suplementing with formula. How do I go back to breastfeeding? Is it even possible?

Re: please help!! how do i get baby back on the breast?

  • I don't have experience with this exactly but when my LO and I were struggling with breast feeding I found that getting support from a lactation consultant was immensely helpful!
  • With my first I had trouble getting her to latch. I began to exclusively pump and then offer the breast every few times. One day she latched and continued to from there. Before offering the bottle could you offer breast each time ? Then pump after the nursing session to make your body think it needs that milk.
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  • They always say to pump between feedings and nurse as much as you can to increase. Also oatmeal can help (I do overnight oats so it's ready to eat when I get up). We also did fennelgreek for a while. It makes you smell like syrup but it can help. Just watch for gassiness or upset stomach in u or lo as side effect taking it. Good luck!
  • Thank you for the advice. A LC helped me with latching her again but it doesn't last long. But going nuch better than before!
  • Pump for a few minutes and then see if your LO will latch. Mine is partially tongue-tied and never managed a good latch for more than a minute. I pump exclusively and keeping up supply can be a challenge! The more you pump, the better your supply should be.

    I'll sometimes feed him, then pump.. And offer him a boob once he's sated and calm.. Sometimes he will latch and nurse for a few that way( it's practice, right?!.. He is getting better at it, but it's still really painful because it's not a deep latch)

    Keep your chin up! Your LO is eating.. The food source doesn't matter, as long as you're both happy
  • When my DS had trouble during the first few weeks, I would offer the breast, pump and bottle feed some, then offer the breast again. I'd work on adjusting his latch when at the breast each time. After about a month, he got it and I dropped the pumping until I went back to work. (He's 17mo now and still does at least a nightime feed.)

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