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Steroid Shot Timing question

It been dealing with a short cervix since 22 weeks, and it's been getting progressively shorter since. I've been on progesterone suppositories and ordered to "take it easy" -- they have stressed NO bed rest (they worry about blood clots, etc.). I'm now 27 weeks and my latest cervical measurement is 1.0 cm.

Last week it was 1.6 and they were hesitant to give me steroid shots yet since they can only give 2 shots total. They said if it is worse next week they will give me the shot.

My question is: are the steroid injection effects on baby's lungs temporary or permanent? Is it possible to get them too early, not go into labor, and then be out of luck if I go into labor in say week 33?? I'm just curious if there is a benefit to waiting or if I should push to have them ASAP?
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Re: Steroid Shot Timing question

  • I asked the same question. They work for about 2 weeks and they don't give it anymore after 34 weeks... Hope this helps
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  • breezypipbreezypip member
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    @mlemper Thanks for the response! That makes more sense to me now why they are trying to delay doing them as they can.

    I was going to ask at my next appointment since I left without asking this time.

    I was reading about the Fetal Fibronectin test that can help predict if you might go into labor within the next week. While I hear it's not 100%, I wonder if it would be smart to do that test before getting a steroid shot, since timing seems somewhat important.
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  • I don't know that test ... I'll look into it! But yes, I was also wondering why they didn't just give me the shots as I was contracting every 3 min... But it makes sense to wait as long as possible ... It's scary though because I'm always wondering if I have to go in to make sure I won't be too late ... Good luck!!
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