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Husband leaves after birth

my husband is slated for deployment a little less than a month after our first baby is due. Does anyone have any tips for keeping the baby aware of him while he's so far away?

Re: Husband leaves after birth

  • My son was born the last week of June and my husband started the police academy 8 days after he was born and is only home on the weekends. So we video recorded my husband reading books to him. You can also Skype or FaceTime when he is around.
  • My husband deployed shortly after our first was born.  We bought a couple of Hallmark recordable storybooks before he left, and of course used Skype as much as possible while he was gone.  Pictures and videos from both sides are essential too!

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  • We did a lot of SKYPE. My husband was deployed when I was five months along. He also just deployed again, a couple weeks before our daughter's 2nd birthday. 
  • My husband is deploying days after I give birth. His team is going a couple weeks before him and his commander gave him the ok to wait for the kid to be born. Skype will be nice, but I also found an interesting idea of doing a blog that only he and I have access to so I can send him pictures and videos and he can do the same. Also he is going to record himself saying good night and singing so I can play it to the little guy while he is gone.
  • FaceTime! My kids FaceTimed with my husband almost everyday while he was deployed. Obviously depending on where he is deployed.
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