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Ffn test?

I hope this isn't a repeat, searched the board and nothing came up. I am 23 and 5 days and been on bedrest for funneling and dynamic cervix since 9/8. I have had no symptoms at all, no bleeding and no cramping or contractions that I know of (I'm assuming I would know if I was having some) but I am a FTM and today my midwife called me to come in tomorrow for a Ffn swab, I have read about the outcomes so I know the positive result doesn't necessarily mean I will go into labor, but I was just curious if any one out there has been thru something like this either during this pregnancy or a past pregnancy. Thanks in advance for any advice!

Re: Ffn test?

  • I had the fetal fibronectin swab done today. I'm 30w today and had been having severe back pain for two days, seen in L&D for this on Tuesday and sent home. During my f/u visit with my regular OB he had an NST done since I'm high risk due to a cord abormality anyway and he was concerned I L&D did not do a thorough work-up on Tuesday...
    Well what do you know....I was contracting every 2-3 minutes and was immediately transferred down to L&D. I continued having regular contractions that I was able to feel and were very uncomfortable for over 2 hours until they could get them to stop with medication. There was no change in my cervix thankfully so I avoided PTL.
    The fetal fibronectin swab either gives a positive or negative result. If it's positive, there is a "high likelihood" you will go into labor in the next two weeks. Mine was thankfully negative but due to the contractions (and that they were so regular and continued like this for over two hours) now I've earned myself 1-2 NST's a week here on out in addition to my normal increased monitoring for being high risk.
    I'm assuming they are doing on swab on you because of the cervix changes; hopefully it's negative. Whether positive or negative there is no guarantee you will or will not go into labor in the following two weeks, it just gives your provider a much better indicator of what your body is doing in the absence of other symptoms. I hope yours is negative too!
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