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In an attempt to get this board active, let's get to know one another! If you're pregnant, what is your due date? Are you a FTM, STM, etc.? What are your hobbies? If you're not pregnant, how many children do you have? Those are just some ideas. :) 

I've been in the Winter Park/Casselberry area for almost a year. I'm originally from Houston, Texas and it is very different! I have three children with my ex-husband. My oldest is in first grade, my middle is in kindergarten, and my youngest is 4yo. I am currently pregnant with baby #4 (technically baby #5, I had a miscarriage in April of this year) and my boyfriend and I are super excited! We found out that we're having a little girl and picking out a name has been quite the task. Luckily, we have another 20+ weeks to figure it out! I was attending Aveda but realized that my heart wasn't in it and that I had bigger passions: I am studying to become a Breastfeeding Counselor through Childbirth International. What else? I LOVE to read and play The Sims. We don't have cable so I usually just watch whatever is on Netflix. 
Mama Bear to Ollie, Leilah, and Lennon. Pregnant with Little Moo 2.0 (our rainbow baby). Due 02/14/2016.

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  • Hi! I live in the MetroWest area. It is my boyfriend and i's first and I'm due May 10th. This is my second pregnancy, I have my daughter Arden from my previous marriage.
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