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Car seats and Small 2-Door Car (Acura RSX)

I'm in my first trimester, but I thought this would be the best place to get input on car seats in a very small car.  I know it's really early, but it's something I've been thinking about a lot.  We really need to keep our Acura RSX.  It's our only car, but it's paid off, reliable, gets great gas mileage, and maneuvers well through very tight city streets.  I bought it new when I was grad school 10 years ago, so babies were not on my mind then.  We never upgraded because we were told we would probably not be able to conceive without IVF.

The good news is that I know there are car seats that will fit, and my husband and I are not too tall.  So, I think we will all be able to fit in the car at the same time.  My plan is to buy our car seat from Babies-R-Us, because apparently they let you try it out.  

The question is-- convertible or infant seat?  It's not so much a matter of cost.  It's more about what's easier to get baby in and out of.  I really doubt we'll be able to get the infant seat in and out with baby in the seat.  But, I thought it might be easier to buckle baby in while I'm sitting in the back seat.  I've read this is easier if you have the option of removing the seat from the base.

Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks!

Re: Car seats and Small 2-Door Car (Acura RSX)

  • Does the front seat slide up to allow the back seat to get out? My mom had a 2 door car with my brother and nephew. It was a pain, but not impossible to get the car seat in and out of the back.
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  • I would check out car seats for the Littles on facebook. They can give you recommendations for car seats based on your car.
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  • @shaley29 Yes, it does slid forward.

    @kbrown2385 Thanks!  I will look into it.

    I read that a convertible would be best and that you shouldn't try the infant seat/carrier because it's impossible to get out.
    Every time I have to deal with it, I'll car car payment.  Haha.
  • The only hard thing about convertible car seats is that you can't bring them inside places. With baby is first born, this is really obnoxious, especially if you live in a colder area.
  • @nursej519 We currently live in Kentucky, so it gets really cold.  But, that won't be until Jan-Feb.  I'm due in late April, so we'll have 9-10 months before it gets frigid here.  

  • I have a acura integra thats a 2 door and i use a carseat that has a base that just clicks in. Its a tight fit but it works nicely. At least for me. My daughter is 16 days old and its way easier to get her in and out already in her carrier.
  • @youngmom97 thanks!  I think we are going to Baby-R-Us where we can try out the seats.  There's just not much room when the seat slides forward, so that makes me think we won't be able to get a carrier in with baby inside of it.  The Integra looks like it has more room than the RSX.  
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