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Your Hair Style

Just curious as to what all of you busy moms are doing with your hair. I've always been pretty hopeless at styling and pony tails are about as advanced as it gets. I've been doing pony tails and a few weeks ago I cut long bangs which I've liked in the past but not loving them now. I'm considering a pixie which is my favorite look but I've avoided it so far since it puts so much emphasis on your face and frankly I look tired lol. Thinking maybe a bob with trimmed up bangs or just leave it as is...

How are you all styling your hair? Any changes planned, cut, color?

Re: Your Hair Style

  • I do a side braid, but only because I go to bed with wet hair and it's the only style that looks halfway decent and is super quick. I'm thinking about long side bangs though.
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  • I actually just grew out my side bangs because I never take the time to style them anyways so it just looked sloppy. I prefer my hair to be longish right now so that I can easily put it in a ponytail or braid when I don't have time to style it, which is every day.
  • This is a great post. My hair is curly down to my butt, but I will need to change it soon because baby always grabs it.
  • It's always up in a bun. Baby grabs it or it's too hot and sticky to wear it down.
  • Curly hair that is a few inches below my shoulder... As a result it is constantly in a ponytail, bun or the occasional braid, but nothing too fancy yet!
  • I'm keeping my hair long so I can throw it up in a ponytail. If I don't have time to do it or don't feel like doing it, up it goes. A bob would just end up getting grabbed by LO. I had a pixie cut years ago, the only problem is you need your hair cut every month and if you don't style it, you look like crap.


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  • I'm getting a long bob tomorrow. Long enough to still put in a ponytail.
  • I do braids and buns. I have long curly thick hair so I like to have fun with different types of braid styles. You can also add hair accessories :) like headbands and fun rubber bands :)
  • I have an angled bob cut. My hair is really thick so keeping it at chin length is the most comfortable. It's too thick to grow long. I get a headache if I put it up. It requires washing once a a week and brushing (sorta) once a day.
  • I have a short haircut with the sides and back shaved down low.. Very east maintenance
  • I have very long hair. It's not thick and it's pretty straight, not wavy or curly at all. I have very fine hair so it tends to look oily pretty quickly therefore I wash it every other day at least, and I use conditioner on the ends every day so that I can comb through it. I rarely ever wear it down… Once I get it combed through I clip it up with a hair clip...I have to clip at while wet in order for it to stay up
  • I style it up in a high bun.
  • I always rock a topknot, but as I type this I am in the waiting area of the salon. Thinking about a lob, but I have really curly hair and the length from pregnancy weighs down my curls and makes them so manageable... What to do!?
  • I got a lob last month! I needed a change and said I'd do it after giving birth. I have very straight, fine hair. I had it looooong forever! Down to my waist.

    It feels so much lighter and healthier and it's still long enough for a ponytail or bun... But I usually put it in a high pony if I'm not going out otherwise I throw in some messy waves.

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  • I also have a lob! I cut it before my shower :).
  • Currently, I just have some layers in it and it's just past my shoulders. My hair is curly and thick and I DON'T look good with shorter hair. 99.999% of the time, I just throw it up in a high bun. 
  • I'm a hair stylist so I'm technically not allowed to have messy hair or clients won't trust me. So I style my hair every morning
  • I have a shaggy angled lob that grows out nicely. As for my color - I used to have bright red hair but recently I've been dying the roots darker and the tips bright red (almost ombré) so that the color can also grow out well. It works for a few months before I need to go back to the salon.
  • I'm a hair stylist so I'm technically not allowed to have messy hair or clients won't trust me. So I style my hair every morning

    This sounds horrible. Not being a hair stylist, but having to do your hair every morning. I could never do it!
  • What is a lob?
  • @ecloho I had to look it up on google. I didn't know what it was either. :)
  • These are my different hair styles so far

    Always taking pictures with my LO
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